Studio Noelle

Studio Noelle is a plus sized clothing store based in Cleveland, Ohio and Darica has done such an amazing job bringing us curvy girls some affordable fashion that definitely makes you feel sexy.

This Missy Dress gives me so much life, I️ was very nervous thinking it wouldn’t fit right especially with the mesh but I️ must say it fits perfect! It is so comfortable and stretchy it’s a good feeling when you can be sexy but comfortable isn’t that what we all ask for?

This is now my go to dress and I️ had sooo many ideas running through my head because you make this dress feel super 90’s or you can just throw some heels on and it’d be perfect for a date night!

Of course I️ went for more of 90’s vibe for more of casual feel for hanging out with friends. I threw on some tennis shoes, paired it with a denim jacket and a black choker to tie it all together. The dress has all the detail to be a statement all on its own so pairing it with simple pieces will let the dress speak for its self!

Go check out Studio Noelle you’ll find some sexy pieces, I️ know I️ have and I can’t wait to order some new pieces for my closet!


Fall into 70’s

I have taken quit a bit of a hiatus, but I am back and so excited for Fall! It is my hands down favorite season specially leading up to winter. You can pullout your long sleeves, boots and dark colored woredrob with out feeling a little crazy that its 90 degrees outside. That has never stopped me from wearing fall in the summer but I am very estatic that I can now buy some new pieces for my closet… even though it has already begun.

Heading into fall I am all about adding skirts to my woredrob which I used to hate wearing skirts. Now I love them and I can not stop buying them. I bought this one from Forever21 and I fell in love with the tie up detail, plus the fact that it isn’t stiff makes it 10 times better.

My friend and I decided to go to a super cute little Coffee Shop in Long Beach called “Wide Eyes Open Palms”. Being apart of the LGBTQ community I love supporting locally owned LGBTQ small businesses. I couldn’t think of a better outfit than to have a hint of a 70’s vibe to it for this Sunday afternoon. 

Pairing a stripe Mock Neck long sleeve with the Camel courdory skit added that touch 70’s that I wanted. I would have loved to be wearing over the knee heeled boots, but having thick calves its hard to find the perfect pair. Adding some simple accessories like a wide brim hat and small charm necklace are the perfect details to tie the outfit together. 

Now that I can finally focus on my blogging, I’ll be posting a lot more now especially with all the fall outfit ideas I have and I want to play with my writing and blogging style. Stay tuned, and I hope this gave you some inspiration to be excited about fall!

You are not flawless and yet no diamond could match your presence – r.h sin


img_3767This is my new favorite black dress to wear out for date night or a special occasion!  I love getting dressed up and feeling more on the sexy conservative side and this dress gives it to me.




I found this dress at GCGme , they have a wide range of dresses from length, to style and colors. And of course they have plus sizes!! I get very skeptical about online boutique’s because I’m not sure of the quality or sizing. I was blown away by the quality of the dress, it’s not thin material and the sizing is accurate to my size.




This Key Hole Black Maxi is the perfect style of dress and very flatering with the sinched waist. I love high neck cuts and that’s why I fell in love with this dress, the only thing with this cut on the dress is that the underarm cut is high which if you are not comfortable with can get a little irritating. But the pleats at the high neck give it that extra detail so it doesn’t feel too plain.



There’s so many online boutiques, don’t be afraid to give them a shot because you might end be pleasantly surprised and you are helping out a small business!

4th of July Ready

img_3685-1This year I’m excited about The 4th of July! I am comfortable in my own skin and I couldn’t wait to put a summer outfit together!

I needed new shorts I haven’t bought a pair in a few years and these Denim Shorts are a great staple piece in have in your closet. They have stretch in them so they are not stiff and for $22.90 I had to get them.


I came across this Red Bodysuit at Forever21! I fell in love, I have quite a few bodysuits but I loved that this was Nylon and not the typical cotton bodysuit.

I found the perfect outfit for The 4th of July, to keep it casual and comfortable, a little patriotic but keeping true to myself.


To keep it casual I’m wearing Authentic Platforms from Vans which are my favorite shoe of all time! They give a little bit extra than the typical Vans and gives me that slight edge that I love putting in my outfits.

I’m wearing a single black choker since it’s going to be hot and going to be running around, I want to stay comfortable. You are going to need some sunglasses, I added these mirrored cat eye sunglasses help pull my look together.

Keep your outfit simple and don’t over do it. Your going to want to be comfortable and you don’t need to buy something you’ll only wear once or only for this holiday.




Bare a Little Blue


Ever since I came across PinkBlush, I’ve been obsessed.  I was estatic to find a new retailer that carries Pus Size Clothing, and that is cute!



Off the Shoulder is a big trend this season and this blue striped Off the Shouder Striped Dress is making me feel PrettyinPinkBlush! I love the Baby blue color and I think I have an obsession with stripes and dresses because that’s all I’m buying right now.




I paired the dress with some Heeled Strappy Sandals and a Brown belt. I wanted to add some definition to my waist at the same time add some color, but it is a great dress without a belt too.

To add a slight edgyness which I got to do, I added a black choker, a small charm necklace and cat eye sunglasses.

This a great dress for you to dress up or down. It’s perfect for Brunch with friends or style it with heels for an early dinner date especially going into summer.





Okay Plus Size Babe’s  Ive decided to make a commitment to myself to blog regularly. Life happens, you get busy and things come up what can you do? Now that life has slowed down I can take a breath and focus on following my dream of blogging! So let me start off my telling you about what I got from…..

FullSizeRender 3CF8213EA-3D47-472E-9D83-FB331DFADACB

This PinkBlush Black Lace-up Dress is soooo soft I love it! When I saw that it is made up of 73% Modal and 27% Polyester I was estatic! Modal is what makes it so soft and its always nice to have something besides cotton in your closet. This dress also comes in a soft baby blue color which made it hard to decided what color to get. Going with Black is typical of me but I’m still adjusting to my new hair color. Don’t get me wrong though the baby blue color is gorgeous especially for Spring and Summer.



Shop This Dress
I was headed out to a birthday dinner and I wanted to be casual but cute. Since the dress is simple but has this great Lace-Up detail I went with more of a boho touch. I wanted to add a bit of color and these camel gum sole booties were perfect, with a bag to match. I added a soft touch of boho jewelry to keep the attention on the Lace-Up detail. What I am super Impressed by this trendy online boutique is it’s sizing! I kept going back and fourth 1X or 2X, 1X or 2X. I range in sizing based on comfort level, like if I want it to fit bigger or I feel like it might run small. I decided to go with a 1X and I am so Happy I did. It runs true to size, it i not tight in the arms or too short and those are usually my problem areas.

FYI: PinkBlush also carries a Maternity line for both Women & Plus. Which I can’t wait to buy from here when its time to have a baby!




This dress is really versatile, you can dress it or down. It’s perfect for keeping it casual but easy to dress up.  Pair it back with some sneakers and a baseball cap. Or just throw on some booties to dress it up real quick!

Go give PinkBlush a look, there’s some great spring pieces especially dresses!

Hot Ginger LA


It’s been a crazy few months between working in retail at a fashion company during the holiday and then moving it has definitely been chaotic and kept me on my toes. Now that I am back to blogging, I thought it’d be perfect to share with you about Hot Ginger LA for my first one back!


At Hot Ginger LA you take a quiz so they can get to know your style better and each month they send you box and there is 2 different boxes to choose from. You can choose a three-piece box or a 6 piece box. They also sell the items individually if you don’t want to commit to a box!

I got this mock neck ribbed dress and it is so comfortable. I don’t wear body-con but I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and wear items I wouldn’t normally. Body-con anything is one of those things and it’s a self conscious thing but I don’t want to hold my style back because I’m afraid of someone making fun of me.



When I put this dress on I was impressed! It is soooo soft and stretchy. I do not feel restricted in it which is great because I am a fast pace girl at work, I am constantly moving picking up things up, getting on ladders and I felt like I could do anything in it! It hugged my body right without being baggy in certain areas or tight.

I was going to wear my taupe creepers with it and make it a monochrome look but I decided to wear knee-high black boots since it was chilly. I always wear something around my waist it is a comfort thing so I added a pop of denim. I wanted to keep this look sporty but edgy so I wore a taupe leather baseball cap which played perfect with the dress and a black leather jacket to playoff the black boots. There are so many ways to wear this dress, you can even wear it out with pair heels and a clutch at night.





The second item I got from them was this long slit cardigan in navy. This cardigan just like the dress is extremely soft and comfortable. Hot Ginger LA clothing is simple, comfortable and stylish.

I decided to wear this cardigan out to breakfast with my nephew and sister-in-law. I paired it with boyfriend denim, and a white tank with a strappy bra underneath. I wore my new champion running shoes from target and paired it with this gray Men’s baseball cap from Forever 21.


I kept my outfit more casual since I knew I’d be playing with my nephew after but this cardigan would be great for anything. It’s the perfect piece to use when you need to run errands and want to be comfortable but cute. It also great to thrown on top of a simple body-con dress!

I feel so comfortable in these items and I know I can wear them all day long with no complaints! Go check them out!










Boy Meet’s Girl


I love mixing feminine and masculine styles together as well as adding a twist to my style. Living in California the weather is all over the place so when I got he chance to layer oh you bet I did!


I totally forgot I owned a white button up and I remembered I got it because it was thin and loose! I added a gray ribbed sweater top to add texture to my outfit and added a leather jacket for that masculine touch. To keep it on the casual side I paired my top with skinny blue denim from Old Navy.

TIP:  Old Navy is great for denim, it’s affordable when regular priced but it’s even better when they are having a sale and they always are! Plus they are on trend with the denim and they have a wide range of sizes.



It’s all in the details, adding a statement necklace to your collar depending on your style can make it playful or add an edge to keep it from feeling preppy.


I love these Faux Suede Loafer’s!! They are the perfect mix of an Oxford without being too preppy and a thicker sole so they are soooo comfortable! I planned my outfit around my shoes and you can get inspired by 1 article of clothing or an accessory or in my case shoes!





I had been wanting to get a Thrasher Magazine shirt for awhile now and when my friend Crystal started customizing her own shirts I knew it was meant to be! Plus this Love Sick  Denim is so comfortable and the distress goes perfect with the shirt.


My friend Crystal is amazing at customizing shirts! She Bleached splattered, distressed and gave a v-neck to the shirt! She knows exactly where to add the bleach and is great and really understanding what you want. Check out her personal Instagram account for some of her work @itsthatcrystaaal plus you can see how she rocks her own work!


I am obsessed with how she distresses her shirts. I let her know I only wanted a little bit and her idea was to do on the edges of shirt and it was exactly what I wanted!

Crystal also does lace up detail, v- necks and of course bleach splatter! Check out her business Instagram @disstresssed and contact her about getting your own custom shirt!!


Check her profile out! She has a lot of awesome ideas and keeps coming out with more styles of shirts!

Athletic Meets 90’s


I am in love with this dress that I bought from Forever 21 Plus! The white top is attached to this light weight ribbed body con dress. I NEVER buy body con, I do not feel confident in body con I feel like I lack the curves for it. But I went a size up in the dress so it wasn’t tight on my body and it hit lose in the right areas to were my confidence was through the roof! I found a similar dress that is a 2 in 1 from ASOS Curve that is amazing! You can always buy a top and dress separately and get the same style. This is a very big trend going around and you can do this style with floral, body con or a skater dress!


I grabbed this Men’s light washed Denim Jacket from my wife’s closet, this over sized denim jacket gives it a great spin on wearing “your boyfriends” clothes. You can wear this with anything and depending on your style add a different take on your outfit. Pairing over sized jackets with body con balances the different fits of your clothes.  The dress was perfect to play off the athletic vibe with a Leather Base Ball Cap. You could even do a Canvas  Base Ball Cap as an alternative.

TIP: To spice up your outfit this fall, plaid is a great way to add color and print. I added a burgundy lace choker to play off the plaid and Nude Heels to pair with the Base Ball Cap. This is a great way to balance your feminine and masculine pieces.



I wanted to show a different way to style this dress. I love wearing just Black and White together especially when I have an athletic spin on it. I wore white leather converse high tops to balance out the white with a black beanie. Leather is a great way to add edge to any outfit with keeping it classy especially with a Leather Motto Jacket.

This a great alternative way to style with a casual feel without being too casual. Adding a beanie and a choker mixes the athletic and 90’s vibe together.



I mixed both styles together for a comfortable but stylish outfit to run errands in.  I traded in my heels for the sneakers but still kept the plaid around my waist to keep from being too plain. It was getting way to hot for a jacket and a hat but all these items can be mixed together in any which way to combine an athletic and 90’s vibes for a great outfit for any occasion.