Hot Ginger LA


It’s been a crazy few months between working in retail at a fashion company during the holiday and then moving it has definitely been chaotic and kept me on my toes. Now that I am back to blogging, I thought it’d be perfect to share with you about Hot Ginger LA for my first one back!


At Hot Ginger LA you take a quiz so they can get to know your style better and each month they send you box and there is 2 different boxes to choose from. You can choose a three-piece box or a 6 piece box. They also sell the items individually if you don’t want to commit to a box!

I got this mock neck ribbed dress and it is so comfortable. I don’t wear body-con but I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and wear items I wouldn’t normally. Body-con anything is one of those things and it’s a self conscious thing but I don’t want to hold my style back because I’m afraid of someone making fun of me.



When I put this dress on I was impressed! It is soooo soft and stretchy. I do not feel restricted in it which is great because I am a fast pace girl at work, I am constantly moving picking up things up, getting on ladders and I felt like I could do anything in it! It hugged my body right without being baggy in certain areas or tight.

I was going to wear my taupe creepers with it and make it a monochrome look but I decided to wear knee-high black boots since it was chilly. I always wear something around my waist it is a comfort thing so I added a pop of denim. I wanted to keep this look sporty but edgy so I wore a taupe leather baseball cap which played perfect with the dress and a black leather jacket to playoff the black boots. There are so many ways to wear this dress, you can even wear it out with pair heels and a clutch at night.





The second item I got from them was this long slit cardigan in navy. This cardigan just like the dress is extremely soft and comfortable. Hot Ginger LA clothing is simple, comfortable and stylish.

I decided to wear this cardigan out to breakfast with my nephew and sister-in-law. I paired it with boyfriend denim, and a white tank with a strappy bra underneath. I wore my new champion running shoes from target and paired it with this gray Men’s baseball cap from Forever 21.


I kept my outfit more casual since I knew I’d be playing with my nephew after but this cardigan would be great for anything. It’s the perfect piece to use when you need to run errands and want to be comfortable but cute. It also great to thrown on top of a simple body-con dress!

I feel so comfortable in these items and I know I can wear them all day long with no complaints! Go check them out!











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