Hi, Welcome to Curvy. Street. Chic.

I started this blog to show my creativity in my style! I work in the Fashion Industry as Visual Merchandising Manager, and I love every minute of it! Everyday I am working creatively so show case top trending fashion styles and the outfitting to go a long with it. I’ve been able to do the same with my own outfits by using these trending pieces and core items to have with my own style. I am a Plus Size Woman and its taken me a very long time to get comfortable with who I am. I don’t have curves in the right places but I have learned what fits my body and what I feel fabulous in! I definitely put an edge into my outfits to match my personality.

I hope my page gives you inspiration for your own outfits and how you can wear some of these fashion pieces differently!

Follow me on my on my journey to stepping out of the box with fashion!

Kristin Bezayiff