Athletic Meets 90’s


I am in love with this dress that I bought from Forever 21 Plus! The white top is attached to this light weight ribbed body con dress. I NEVER buy body con, I do not feel confident in body con I feel like I lack the curves for it. But I went a size up in the dress so it wasn’t tight on my body and it hit lose in the right areas to were my confidence was through the roof! I found a similar dress that is a 2 in 1 from ASOS Curve that is amazing! You can always buy a top and dress separately and get the same style. This is a very big trend going around and you can do this style with floral, body con or a skater dress!


I grabbed this Men’s light washed Denim Jacket from my wife’s closet, this over sized denim jacket gives it a great spin on wearing “your boyfriends” clothes. You can wear this with anything and depending on your style add a different take on your outfit. Pairing over sized jackets with body con balances the different fits of your clothes.  The dress was perfect to play off the athletic vibe with a Leather Base Ball Cap. You could even do a Canvas  Base Ball Cap as an alternative.

TIP: To spice up your outfit this fall, plaid is a great way to add color and print. I added a burgundy lace choker to play off the plaid and Nude Heels to pair with the Base Ball Cap. This is a great way to balance your feminine and masculine pieces.



I wanted to show a different way to style this dress. I love wearing just Black and White together especially when I have an athletic spin on it. I wore white leather converse high tops to balance out the white with a black beanie. Leather is a great way to add edge to any outfit with keeping it classy especially with a Leather Motto Jacket.

This a great alternative way to style with a casual feel without being too casual. Adding a beanie and a choker mixes the athletic and 90’s vibe together.



I mixed both styles together for a comfortable but stylish outfit to run errands in.  I traded in my heels for the sneakers but still kept the plaid around my waist to keep from being too plain. It was getting way to hot for a jacket and a hat but all these items can be mixed together in any which way to combine an athletic and 90’s vibes for a great outfit for any occasion.


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