I had been wanting to get a Thrasher Magazine shirt for awhile now and when my friend Crystal started customizing her own shirts I knew it was meant to be! Plus this Love Sick  Denim is so comfortable and the distress goes perfect with the shirt.


My friend Crystal is amazing at customizing shirts! She Bleached splattered, distressed and gave a v-neck to the shirt! She knows exactly where to add the bleach and is great and really understanding what you want. Check out her personal Instagram account for some of her work @itsthatcrystaaal plus you can see how she rocks her own work!


I am obsessed with how she distresses her shirts. I let her know I only wanted a little bit and her idea was to do on the edges of shirt and it was exactly what I wanted!

Crystal also does lace up detail, v- necks and of course bleach splatter! Check out her business Instagram @disstresssed and contact her about getting your own custom shirt!!


Check her profile out! She has a lot of awesome ideas and keeps coming out with more styles of shirts!


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