Bralettes & Chokers

Okay so I might have an obsession  with chokers and bralettes that’s getting out of control but I just can not help myself!  So this Blog Post is different from the others. I really want to share with you guys 2 fashion pieces I love! Starting with this Lace Razor Back Bralette from Love Sick is as comfortable as it is cute.

I was never really into jewelry because I felt like I was suffocating but for the past year and a half I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and found accessories I love, as well as my everyday jewelry!

TIP: Adding jewelry to any outfit will not only complete the outfit but is a perfect piece that can really show your own style. For Example I always have on a choker regardless of my outfit because it’s my own flare on everything.


Bralettes are amazing! I will throw one with anything! Full coverage criss cross bras like the one below are great to wear by themselves with a high-waisted bottom or I wear it under tops that are too revealing for the look I am going for.

Then there’s the bralettes like the ones below to add a hint of sexy to an outfit. I usually wear one when I’m wearing a top or dress that has a deep v neck.


FYI you can wear a choker with any outfit! If you feel like you can’t just try it, there’s so many different kinds and the texture and thickness can turn it from grunge to sophisticated. And as you can tell by the pictures I wear one with everything!


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