Daytime Fun.


Saturday I went out around town and I could not wait to throw on this new Crisscross Front top! I was so excited to wear longer sleeves, Fall is my all time favorite season! I got this top from Forever 21, I love that it’s thin and easy to move in perfect for work & coming into Fall. Plus these new Mirrored sunglasses went perfectly with this outfit.

TIP: Look for causal knit tops with detailing, they are less expensive, easy to throw on and to feel comfortable in. I like to wear tops similar to this when I am feeling  frumpy or I know I am going to be doing activities like playing with my nephew.



To keep my outfit feeling daytime fun, I wore boyfriend denim with a plaid around my waist. I got both these items on sale and they are great pieces to find and not to pass up on! I kept my Accessories casual cool by wearing a camel beanie with a burgundy choker to add some color and black ankle boots so I can keep up with my nephew. I got my beanie from HM they have the best Men’s beanies, I can’t not wait to get more this year!

TIP: I know I brought this up on a previous post but really check out the Men’s section in stores. I got this white and black plaid on sale for $8.99 plus it was during BOGO so it was even better! It never hurts to look , especially since the shirt its self is longer and the length of the arms are as well. You can find similar Women’s styles in Men’s and it wont be as cropped or tapered in.



Don’t forget to always add your own style to your outfits! I love mixing different styles together, especially when I’m taking Edgy Street style pieces and mixing it with a bohemian touch like my accessories.


“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
― Orson Welles


One thought on “Daytime Fun.

  1. Love this! I seriously love the “tip” section. I especially love the tip about getting the plaid shirt from the men’s section because the arm sleeves are longer!! Sometimes girls shirt don’t fit around my hips 😉.

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